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Cheap Handbags SaleMichael BarringerIt is proof, say researchers, of our early ancestors complexity of thought.

The results, not incidentally, turn out to be some of the most miraculous works of modern art America has produced. Imagine Matisse and Klee if you think Im wildly exaggerating, see the show arising not from rarefied Europe, but from the caramel soil of the rural South in the form of women, descendants of slaves when Gees Bend was a plantation. These women, closely bound by mily and custom many Benders bear the slaveowners name, Pettway, spent their precious spare time while not rearing children, chopping wood, hauling water and plowing fields splicing scraps of old cloth to make robust objects of amazingly refined, eccentric abstract designs.

. an iron or steel bent for bracing a framed structure, having curved braces between the vertical members and a horizontal member at the top.

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. a door, gate, or entrance, especially one of imposing appearance, as to a palace.

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This is significant because it is pushing back the boundaries of our understanding of when Homo sapiens people like us first became modern, said Prof Christopher Henshilwood from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

The best of these designs, unusually minimalist and spare, are so eyepoppingly gorgeous that its hard to know how to begin to account for them. But then, good art can never be fully accounted for, just described.

Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, On Revisiting the Banks of the Wye during a Tour. July , ,William Wordsworth

Night resonance recedes, nightwalkers song

Heres a mystery found in a French cave. It appears that a group of Neanderthals walked into that cave about , years ago and started building something. Neanderthals were our closest living relatives but they werent known as builders or cave explorers. Scientists identify the forms as constructions, but they cant figure out what they were for.

The hoard includes red and yellow pigments, shell containers, and the grinding cobbles and bone spatulas to work up a paste everything an ancient artist might need in their workshop.

. Computers.a website that functions as an entry point to the Internet, as by providing useful content and linking to various sites and features on the World Wide Web.

This extraordinary discovery is reported in the journal Science.

The women of Gees Benda small, remote, black community in Alabamahave created hundreds of quilt masterpieces dating from the early twentieth century to the present. Resembling an inland island, Gees Bend is surrounded on three sides by the Alabama River. The seven hundred or so inhabitants of this small, rural community are mostly descendants of slaves, and for generations they worked the fields belonging to the local Pettway plantation. Quiltmakers there have produced countless patchwork masterpieces beginning as r back as the midnineteenth century, with the oldest existing examples dating from the s. Enlivened by a visual imagination that extends the expressive boundaries of the quilt genre, these astounding creations constitute a crucial chapter in the history of African American art.

The Idea Of Order At Key West, Wallace Stevens

Michael Kimmelman, reviewing an exhibition of Gees Bend quilts at The Whitney Museum

The kits used by humans , years ago to make paint have been found at the mous archaeological site of Blombos Cave in South Africa.

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